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Patterns Inspired by the Shetland Islands

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Available from Lost City Knits – Five new patterns along with photographs and essays inspired by the Shetland Islands.

From the intricate cockleshell and birdseye stitches that constitute the airy Sky and Sea Scarf, to the original fish motif of the Kishie Shawl; from the hearty practicality of the Lerwick Harbour Hap, to the elegant Voe Cowl, and to the vine, stone wall, and bumblebee motifs of the ambitious Kailyard Pi Shawl, Ultima Thule is a tribute to the northernmost point of Scotland, the Shetland Islands.

Designer Denise Bell offers a range of patterns, from exquisite lace to sturdy garter stitch, all specifying either her own hand dyed yarns from Lost City Knits or from Jamieson and Smith Wool Brokers of Shetland.

Photographer and essayist Chris Dykes offers a glimpse of Shetland’s remarkable scenery and shares some of his encounters with lifelong Shetlanders.




Ultima Thule – a northern-most territory, a distant land, a remote ideal.





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 Now Available for Purchase on the Website!