Twin Canyon Merino / Silk Fingering

This is a fine 50/50 Merino and Silk blend fingering weight yarn that’s perfect for shawls and scarves.

It offers the sheen and drape of silk with the hand and warmth of merino.

It’s also heavier than laceweight, so it’s a fine choice for knitters who find lace too small a gauge.


500 yards – 113 grams



The name ‘Twin Canyon’ comes from the confluence of two small canyons

on our farm in eastern Oklahoma.


A Note to Our Customers


A Problem and Some Solutions: Twin Canyon Merino/Silk Yardage Error for skeins sold prior to September 2012.

We’ve made a mistake that affects some of you. Because of an error in communication between us and our mill, we have inadvertently been selling our Twin Canyon line as 500 yard / 113 gram skeins. However, we’ve realized that some of these skeins are 400 yard / 90 grams. If you’ve purchased the Twin Canyon Merino/Silk blend from us, you should weigh your yarn to check your yardage and you shouldn’t trust the yarn band. This is our fault, and we offer the following solutions.

1.) If you bought our Twin Canyon Merino/Silk with a pattern in mind that is between 400 and 500 yards, you’re likely going to end up short. You can contact us with the colorway and dyelot, and we will possibly have enough on hand to send you another 100 yards at no cost to you. We’ll pay the shipping. Contacting us sooner is preferable to contacting us later for these partial skeins.

2.) We can accept the yarn as a return and send you a refund plus a couple of dollars to cover the cost of your shipping the yarn back to us using USPS First Class postage. So we can keep our records straight we will need to know either the name of the event where you purchased the yarn, or whether you made the purchase through our website.

3.) You can keep the yarn as-is, and we can send you a $5 overpay refund considering you didn’t get the full yardage as printed on the label. Or, if you’d like, we’d also be happy to extend a one-time $10 discount towards a future purchase.

Obviously we feel bad about this error. We have our skeins put up by our mill with consideration given to what will be most effective and efficient for the knitter, but despite our best intentions we blew this one. We hope our error doesn’t inconvenience you, and that you will be satisfied with our solutions to the problem.

Contact us at or call 918-688-7881. Email is preferable so that we have everything in writing for reference.

Thanks for your business.

Denise and Chris