Followers of Lost City Knits know that our farm in northeastern Oklahoma plays a recurring role in our work. An early yarn line was called “Oak Barn Merino”. Our sock yarn was named “Pathways” for the paths around the pastures we keep mowed for summer sauntering.

Now you can stay here. Knitters won’t have to pay the full AirBnB price. Instead, let us know that you want to visit and we will offer you a “KnitBnB “discounted rate. Denise has several classes designed for one or two people that you can take. In a time of relative isolation, life is pretty good on Clear Creek.

Chris has fixed up the old farmhouse, a simple one bedroom, one bath structure perched on a rise overlooking the oak barn, the lower pasture, a flint bluff, and gently flowing creek.

Inside there is a small kitchen, central heat and air, a working woodstove, and the house is packed with thousands of books. There is a television, but it only receives rabbit-ear stations. There is, however, a portable record player with an eclectic assortment of records – 33s, 45s, and even 78s. Water comes from a well, and it may be the best water you’ve tasted.

Outside there are 250 acres of woods, pasture, and creek to explore. You can see lights from the neighbors at night, but they are about a quarter mile away. Our house is closer, but you can’t see it from the farmhouse. You’re more likely to see the Milky Way in the summer.

The bed is a new standard Saatva mattress, not a queen. Also available is a twin sofa bed with a new memory foam mattress if two people want to come together but not share a bed. The negotiations of who gets which bed are up to you. Know that there is only one bathroom and it is off the bedroom. If you don’t mind sharing a double hotel room with someone, you’ll be fine in the farmhouse. 

You’ll have to figure out your own food. We supply kitchen essentials but no ingredients. We can tell you some places to eat, but the nearest hamburger is at the gas station eight miles away, and the nearest fork that isn’t plastic is in Tahlequah, about 25 minutes away. Plan accordingly.

Why wouldn’t you stay here? If your idea of rustic is Cracker Barrel, this might not be what you expect. This is an Oklahoma farm. Everything needs attention. There are bugs that make you itchy in the summer. No one who lives here takes a picture of themselves blissed out enjoying nature while standing in tall grass. You might see a snake in the summer, most likely a black rat snake, and rarely a copperhead. Both are cool as long as you leave them alone. You’ll see a spider in the farmhouse, guaranteed. And given that this is rural Oklahoma it is entirely possible to hear gun shots. No one is shooting at you or at anybody else. It’s practice. If that stuff bothers you, maybe this isn’t for you, or, as with any get-away, maybe readjusting your perspective for a while is exactly what you need..

Why would you stay here? Because this is one of the most beautiful pieces of land in the state, and the farmhouse reflects the collections of interesting people. It is quiet, peaceful, isolated, and bucolic. There is a deck overlooking the lower pasture and a bluff that provides endless opportunity to watch wildlife. It’s an amazing place, and we can tell you all about it.

And there is the knitting opportunity. So many of Denise’s inspiration of design and color play come from right here. You can book the place without classes, but if you want to learn from Denise we will take social distancing precautions for your continuing education.

Classes are $25 per hour for each student, and there will be no more than two students. All classes are multiple hours, and will be split up throughout your time here.

KnitBnB classes include:

  • Vest construction (Eight hours)
  • Icelandic yoke sweater design and construction (Six hours)
  • Shetland hap shawl construction and color play (Six hours)
  • Triangle lace shawl construction and techniques (Six hours)
  • A special class for the Clear Creek Cowl, a colorwork piece that can be influenced by the colors on the farm when you visit. (Six hours)

While this is the Lost City Knits headquarters, we do not have a physical shop here. Denise’s studio is a working studio and a warehouse. It is not set up for customers. However, we are happy to pull some yarn lines out for you and have them in the farmhouse so you can imagine what you might do. We can sell from our stock, but the experience won’t be like shopping in a yarn store.

The farm is the main attraction, but for those not from the area have several possibilities for day trips. Tulsa, our hometown, is quite interesting. We often run in for the day and come back home. It’s about a little over an hour’s drive. Tulsa’s Gathering Place receives international acclaim as a public park. With enough notice we can probably get you into The FarmBar, a new restaurant run by an experienced crew that offers multi-course, multi-hour meals that will likely land on your top five of all-time lists. It isn’t cheap, but neither is it overpriced. And to the east is Bentonville, Arkansas, home of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

We are a half-day’s drive from Dallas and Kansas City. Airports to consider for those further afield are Tulsa (TUL) and Northwest Arkansas (XNA). Look for Lost City, Oklahoma on a map for an approximate location.

The nightly rate for The Farmhouse on Clear Creek on AirBnB is $100 for no more than two people. However, we are happy to discount that for our customers.

Email with to get a conversation started about when you’d like to come, what you’d like to do, and with any other questions

This is a special place, and we are glad to able to share it.

Here is the AirBnB listing, but contact us to discuss a discount and classes.