Here are small, watermarked versions of the Project HandWork photos taken at STITCHES West in 2020. STITCHES is a big supporter of this project, and if you’d like to thank them for allowing me this space, send an email to

I’d like to thank you for stopping by, for your words about the photos on display, and for taking a moment with me.

Your work, however, may not be done quite yet. I’d like to ask you to consider writing something about your hands, or about your response to this project. It doesn’t need to be long — ideally I’d be able to print it on a 10×15 sheet, as you saw in the exhibit. Increasingly, these stories are what I want to pursue. Should you want to write something, email it to, and include your name and the file number of your photo. Everything is kept anonymous to the public.

Should you want to purchase a high-resolution image of the photo of your hands without a watermark to print for yourself, to give to someone to mark a moment in time when your hands were working on something, or simply to have as a digital file, prices start at $35 for a high resolution image suitable for printing at 10×15 inches. I can suggest printing resources, and help with that if needed for a nominal fee.

To purchase, click on your image and a larger version with a file name, such as SM-8500, will appear. Then send an email to including that file name and whether you would like a file emailed to you or help with a print. We can discuss options, I’ll go over the image again to make sure it look as I want it to, and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice followed by the file.

Thank you for taking a moment for this!