Wingstem Skirt (download pattern only)




The frost flower phenomenon occurs on mornings after the first few frosts of autumn, on a common prairie weed called Wingstem, Frostweed, or Crownbeard. Moisture at the base of the plant freezes and creates fragile ice formations around the plant’s stem overnight. As soon as sunlight hits them in the morning, they’re gone.

This skirt uses the Frost Flower stitch pattern to create a delicate garment. To change sizes, adjust the number of stitches you cast on by adding extra repeats of the charts. Likewise, you can make the skirt longer or shorter by adding or subtracting vertical chart repeats.

This is a single pattern from the book Deep Roots – Patterns Inspired by the Tallgrass Prairie

The yarn we recommend for this skirt is Lost City Silk. 


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