Shetland Muse Hat Yarn Pack (yarn only)


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The Shetland Muse hat by well-known designer Felicity Ford whose work you can find at Knit Sonik is a wonderful example of how inspiration plays out in wool. The eight yarns in this pack are J&S jumper shades 80, 36, FC37, FC38, FC7, 90, 21, and 53. 

Felix – as she is affectionately called – wrote: This colourwork hat takes its palette and imagery from a poem of the same name by Raman Mundair – a poet and artist who has made Shetland her home. Shetland Muse – as its title suggests – speaks to the charismatic lure of Shetland as a place; to the many ways that these islands inspire through their textures, weather and light.

The palette for my design is taken from the following lines of the poem:

Outside dark molasses 
absorbs the last juice 
from a misshapen tangerine

(the browns and the oranges)

The wind furious at being 
ignored whips the ocean to a roar.

(the deep stormy blues)

While most sleep, 
my ink luminous marks magic true.

(the pale oranges and corals used together, to make luminosity)

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