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Running 54 miles from Talihena, Oklahoma to Mena, Arkansas, the Talimena Drive provides evidence for the saying that you shouldn’t go to southern Oklahoma at night, because in the dark you’d miss the beauty.

The road is the main thoroughfare through the Ouachita National Forest, an almost two million acre swath of old-growth oak, elm, and cedar trees in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. The Ouachita Mountains themselves are one of the largest mountain ranges between the Rockies and the Appalachians, and, unlike those ranges, the Ouachitas run east and west.

My family comes from these parts – my great great grandmother’s family cemetery is not far from the eastern end of the Talimena Drive, and other family members are buried near the Winding Stair Monument. It has a more recent significance for me, too, as the Talimena Drive was the destination for one of the first long drives Chris and I took together, in the fall when what’s old is falling away to be replaced by something new.

The Talimena Shawl is a simple lace piece featuring an Elm leaf motif and a scalloped border that echoes the tops of the Ouachitas.

700-1000 yards laceweight.

This is a charted pattern without translation.


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