Pattern – Secluded Copse Shawl




There are many beautiful spots on our farm in Oklahoma, and while we’ve built a house here, there is evidence that we were not the first to do so. We’re aware of a couple of spots on the acreage where small houses once stood, though nothing remains but negative space among the trees.

One such location stands on a rise between the creek and a shallow canyon. I like to imagine that the trees here, though now mature, were once planted by the homesteaders, arranging for shade from the harsh summer sun and a break from the cold north wind of winter.

The Secluded Copse Shawl incorporates leaf and thicket motifs as well as several paths.

I hope wrapping yourself in your finished Secluded Copse Shawl will give you the same satisfied and happy feeling as the homesteaders of yesteryear.

Finished size, using approx 350yds, was spine 27inches, wingspan 57inches.

Materials needed: US 6 – 4.0 mm needles; 350 – 400 yards (320 – 366 m) fingering weight


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