Pattern – Layla




In a dream I stood at the top of our north pasture looking over a beautiful, manicured formal garden. Spotless paths spread geometrically from the center towards hedgerows and flowers on the garden’s edges.

I woke to the reality of the north pasture, which is beautiful not in a manicured way, but in its own wild, natural way.

But the idea of the perfectly manicured garden stuck with me, although surely I’d never have one.

As I do, I started thinking in terms of lace. The square shawl idea stuck, and before long I was sketching the dream garden on paper, translating what I saw into stitches and negative space.
The Layla Shawl is the result. Four pathways emerge from a central point leading to a more complicated geometry.

The name derives from the Persian fable of Layla and Majnun, a classic story of unobtainable love.

I’ll never have a formal garden in the north pasture. But with a thousand yards of Lost City Silk, sharp tipped knitting needles, along with time and talent, anyone can possess her own Layla.

Requires 1000 yards laceweight yarn. Examples done in Lost City Silk


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