Pattern – Flight of the Wild Silk Moths



During the summer months on our Oklahoma farm the night can be as noisy as the day. Our home is nestled amongst trees and a creek flows nearby, so there are animals large and small, silent and cacophonous, all around us. I consider myself fortunate when the thing that goes bump in the night is a wild silk moth landing against our window with a loud thud. Some of these beautiful creatures can be quite large, such as the Luna Moth which can have a wingspan up to 4 ½ inches.

This large rectangle shawl was designed using wild silk moths as a motif. Using a provisional cast on at the center, each half of this shawl mirrors the other as do the wings of most Lepidoptera. The lower border of each side reflects the tail or fringe typically seen on all moths and butterflies. Nupps and cables depict the outline of the wings, and a simple lace side edging provides space for the moths to take flight.

Requires 1000 yards laceweight yarn. Examples shown in Lost City Silk

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