Londoner’s Approach to Shetland Lace – Previous Class Recording



Did you miss the original Live Londoner’s Approach Live Class but are still interested in the topic? 
Lost City Knits is offering the recordings of this class through the end of July 2023 for $75. 

Shetland lace is a beloved tradition with a unique construction method. In 1975 Gladys Amedro, originally of London, retired with her husband to the island of Yell in Shetland and began designing Shetland lace using a combination of traditional and non-traditional methods. 

I first encountered Mrs. Amedro’s non-traditional construction method when I saw her Brora Black Shawl under glass in the wool room at Jamieson & Smith in Shetland in 2014. I admit that when I first saw that piece, I couldn’t figure out what she had done. The good people at Jamieson & Smith introduced me to her way of thinking, and it broadened my understanding of Shetland lace.

In this two-session online class we will knit a swatch using one of Mrs. Amedro’s methods of working from the edge to the center with a few surprises along the way. Learning her methods will further your understanding of lace construction.

When purchasing a previously recorded class links to all sessions and handouts will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase.

Class cost for Recording is $75, and includes a 30 Office Hours one on one session if needed. 
(If Office Hours is needed use the Contact Us page on this website.) 

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

What skills are required for this class?

Ability to execute standard increases and decreases, and basic chart reading. Experience with lace-weight yarn required.

Yarn: Two yarn options are suggested for this class, choose either Jamieson & Smith 2-ply Shetland Supreme or Jamieson & Smith 1 ply Shetland Supreme   

What supplies will the students need? Needle Size: If using 2 ply lace yarn 4US / 3.5 mm and 5US / 3.75mm needles, if using cobweb 3US / 3.25 mm and 4US / 3.5 mm, both circular and double pointed, needles with sharp tips (and smooth joins if circular) are essential when working lace. Notions: Stitch markers, waste yarn, crochet hook, darning needle and your usual knitting kit.


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