Jamieson & Smith – Shetland Supreme 1 Ply Lace Cobweb – White


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Lost City Knits is honored to offer Jamieson & Smith Shetland Supreme lace weight yarns in natural colors. Jamieson & Smith is a Shetland-based purveyor of yarns, and deals exclusively with the Shetland breed raised in the Shetland Islands. It’s not going to get any purer than this.

True to Shetland lace traditions, this is the yarn that is used to make intricate lace pieces that will pass through a wedding ring.

From Jamieson & Smith – “This yarn was developed with Shetland Museum and Archives as part of the Shetland Fine Lace Project. The yarn is worsted spun from the natural, undyed colours of pure bred Shetland Sheep to replicate the handspun yarns used in the finest Shetland lace items of the 1800s, such as Queen Victoria’s stockings and items displayed at world exhibitions.

The yarn has a distinct ‘Shetland Halo’ while knitting, which calms to a floating fairy-like haze after washing and finishing.”

400m/438 yards



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