Deep Roots – Bluestem Scarf Yarn Pack – Autumn colorway


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The tallest and best known of the tall grasses, Bluestem can grow to nearly ten feet in a good growing season, with roots reaching almost as deep. Big Bluestem and Little Bluestem are native to the Kansas prairie, and provide ideal nutrition for grazing animals.


The Bluestem Scarf is a V-shaped pattern, which begins at the point of intersection and divides into two long blades that can be wrapped around the neck several times.  

We offer two color packs for this design – Autumn and Spring. Each pack contains five skeins of yarn – enough for one scarf but does not include the pattern. The Bluestem pattern is only available in the Deep Roots book. 


This yarn pack is for the Autumn colorway featuring reds, rust, and oranges. 


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