Bougainvillea Vest Kit (original colors)


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Inspired by the mid-century architecture and manicured lawns of Palm Springs, California, the Bougainvillea Vest offers an explosion of color, just as Palm Springs does after coming from the desert to the East.

The original vest was knit using 5 shades (1 background and 4 motif) of Jamieson & Smith jumper weight wool. 

Using increases and decreases flanking the side seams you can create a bit of waist shaping if desired. The vest is worked in the round and includes steeks at the armholes and along the center front. The shoulders are seamed and a tutorial link is provided for giving the shoulders a bit of gentle slope for a more fitted shape. 

Containing 2 balls each of the motif shades 43, 72, 125, FC7, and 5 balls of  shade A1 for the background, this kit is for sizes 35″ and 41.75″. if you would like to knit a larger size buy additional balls of shade A1.  


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