Pattern – Bluestem Scarf


Native to the American tallgrass prairie that used to reach from Texas to Wisconsin, but now has its best remaining sections centered in the Flint Hills of Kansas, Bluestem is tallest and best known of the tall grasses. Bluestem can grow to nearly ten feet in a good growing season, with roots reaching almost as deep. Cattle grazing on Bluestem couldn’t be happier, and travelers who get off the interstate and explore the Kansas Flint Hills couldn’t be either.

The Bluestem Scarf is a V-shaped pattern, which begins at the point of intersection and divides into two long blades that can be wrapped around the neck several times. Specifications call for five colors, but one color could be used as well. Yarn is held double throughout.

This is a single pattern from the book Deep Roots – Patterns Inspired by the Tallgrass Prairie

The yarn used in the photos is our hand-dyed North Pasture Alpaca in five shades. It can also be knit using J&S lace weight yarn. 

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