Using flash, a backdrop, and the infinite human variety, photographer Christopher Dykes is collecting a series of images of hands at work in the fiber community. The project should be available at most events Lost City Knits attends, and considerations might be made for yarn shops, guilds, or groups to participate.

Manicures, hangnails, tattoos, wristwatches, cheap yarn, expensive silk, easy socks and exquisite lace all show the human diversity and the compulsion to create.

Here are the photos from STITCHES United in Atlanta, the Estes Park Wool Market, and the Houston Fiber Fest. These relatively low resolution images are watermarked. Some images may make it into a book in the future.

Should you want to purchase a high-resolution image without a watermark to print for yourself, to give to someone to mark a moment in time when your hands were working on something, or simply to have as a digital file, prices start at $35 for a high resolution image suitable for printing at 11×14 inches. Chris can suggest printing resources, and help with that if needed.

To purchase, click on your image and a larger version with a file name, such as IMG-8500, will appear. Then send an email to including that file name and whether you would like a file emailed to you or help with a print. We can discuss options.

Thank you for taking a moment for this!


STITCHES United – Atlanta




Estes Park Wool Market




Houston Fiber Fest