Generations Stole



The second day the swatch that became this pattern hung over my desk I began to think of it as the peas-in-a-pod swatch. The saying peas-in-a-pod rolled around in my mind for days. Things that look alike, often people, are referred to as peas-in-a-pod. It’s not uncommon for people to tell me how much my daughter and I look alike. We look like two-peas-in-a-pod they’ll say. It’s a big pod though.

My daughter is named for my grandfather. Though we resemble my maternal grandmother in stature it’s my grandfather’s grandmother who gave us our face. It’s the same shape, eyes, and hair. My mother has this same face. She got it from her father. He got it from his father. His mother started it all.

In my family peas-in-a-pod carries throughout the Generations. It is my hope that as you knit this stole you too will enjoy thinking about the generations that came before you and and will come after you.

This pattern has two sizes, a scarf and a stole.